Our Salmon

Our foppen salmon is sustainable and comes from asc-certified nurseries in Norway. The fish comes straight out the fresh and cold waters of the Norwegian fjords. So we can guarantee the best quality fish for you. Because we only use superior salmon, you’re guaranteed of top quality!

"Celebrate life… with salmon"

Hot smoking process

Our Norwegian salmon is traditionally marinated and hot smoked for an intense taste sensation and tender texture. We smoke salmon according to a time-honored technique – using distinctive beech and oak wood – which imparts a rich yet delicate ¬ flavor to the fish. Unlike cold smoked salmon, the temperature here rises above 80 degrees. This cooks the salmon and at the same time gives it its fine smoky taste.

Simply irresistible

Try eating the hot smoked salmon with a salad with boiled potatoes, asparagus tips and a lime dressing. Why not eat a portion of hot smoked salmon warm, next to some pasta with cherry tomatoes, rocket, topped with pine-nuts? Surprise your guests with a sophisticated meal by grilling vegetables in the oven and add the salmon portions for a few minutes to serve them warm.

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