Raw Material

The way to guarantee the best quality and sustainability to our customers and consumers is Sustainable fresh farmed salmon from Norway; ASC certified and MSC certified wild catch from Alaska.

"Processing every bit to prevent food waste"

“Whole fish”

Using the whole fish prevents in food waste
• Meat between fish bone; salad, burgers
• Fins; animal feed
• Skin & bone; animal feed
• Tail; animal feed
• Trimmings; salads, sandwiches
• Head; fish oil

Fillets of the salmon are used for our main products.

"We always aim to add value, with every product!"

Packaging; focussing on recycling

Factory; raw material / salmon packing.

  • Foppen tempex fish boxes are 100% recyclable!
  • After recycling, the material is used for:
  • New products (photo frames) or
  • Packaging materials (recycled and re-used over and over)

Logistics embracing new possibilities

Logistics embracing new possibilities
Sustainable “GREEN COLD CHAIN” by rail
A completely CO2-neutral solution thanks to biofuel

  • Containers: Full loads & LCL partnering
  • New initiatives to cut down CO2
  • Distribution hubs