Open sandwich

Three sandwiches with flame-roasted smoked salmon

Naan bread pizza

One large naan pizza with flame-roasted smoked salmon

Blini Burgers

Six blini burgers with flame-roasted smoked salmon

Creamy pappardelle with smoked salmon

Four servings of fresh pappardelle and smoked salmon

Mini wraps with smoked salmon and avocado

Three mini wraps filled with salmon and salad

Fresh croissants with scrambled eggs and salmon

Two croissants with salmon and scrambled egg

Rye bread with smoked salmon

Two slices of rye bread with salmon and a side of pomegranate relish

Salmon skewers with cucumber

Four servings of cucumber and avocado soup with salmon skewers

Salmon bombe with brown shrimps

Four salmon bombes with Dutch shrimps

Cucumber and salmon rolls

10 cucumber and salmon rolls

Salmon sashimi with green apple

One large plate of salmon sashimi

Salmon sushi bowl

Three sushi bowls with smoked salmon