• 6 slices of flame-roasted smoked salmon
  • 12 small blinis
  • 1.8 oz cream cheese
  • Arugula
  • 1 snack cucumber, sliced into thin ribbons


Makes six blini burgers with flame-roasted smoked salmon

  1. Slice the cucumber into thin ribbons using a peeler or cheese slicer, and put these onto cocktail sticks in a zigzag pattern.
  2. Take a blini, spread it with a teaspoon of cream cheese, followed by a slice of flame-roasted smoked salmon (folded in half) and a few arugula leaves. Finish with a second blini to complete the burger, and hold it in place with a cocktail stick through the middle of the burger.
  3. Repeat to make the other five burgers and serve at room temperature.