Foppen’s well-earned

In 1932, part of the fishing fleet disappeared due to the reclamation of part of the Zuiderzee, but Foppen’s smokehouse stayed where it was. We had already achieved a well-earned reputation in Harderwijk and far beyond. The company grew rapidly and in addition to eel, we began selling several more types of smoked fish, smoked salmon in particular. In 2000, we opened a factory in Greece to meet increasing demand and shortly after that we began selling shellfish too.

And today we still remain true to those traditions. Foppen’s craftsmanship and traditional methods of smoking, combined with the latest state-of-the-art technology, ensure that we can provide a wide range of smoked fish. Always the best quality and always with our own distinctive flavors.

"A well-earned reputation in Harderwijk and far beyond!"

Future of taste

In addition, we are always looking for ways to innovate – never forgetting the traditions on which our company is based, our feel for quality and the new developments that we see. On this basis, we are always seeking to add real value to the products we make. That’s why quality is so important to us, not only when it comes to the raw ingredients and processes, but also animal welfare and of course our end products.

Anyone can buy the basic raw ingredients, but nobody makes products as delicious as we do!

"We always aim to add value, with every product!"

Smoked Salmon
every day!

It’s all about one thing: providing an experience. Our range of smoked salmon will put a smile on your face and it will make your guests smile too. Take our ‘Smoke Your Own’ salmon, for example – a product that you can smoke yourself, at home in the oven or on the barbecue. We do the preparation and you get the credits.

Our website includes countless recipes and tutorials, so that you can serve the most memorable dishes with the minimum of effort. You can also learn more about the processes that we use, such as cold and warm smoking and where our salmon has is origin.

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