1. Salmon & shelf life


Can I freeze your products
Yes you can, but for a maximum of three months and use it in within three days after thawing.


How long can your salmon be kept chilled after opening?
Consume it within 24 hours to be sure that you get that perfect taste you are used of us


2. Salmon & processing


What is the difference between cold and hot smoking?
A good question. Perhaps we can show you our two video’s about these topics.


What is flame roasted?
You can find our story about flame roasted salmon over here.


3. Salmon & other


Is the sauce from the toast sized salmon for sale?
No, but leave us a message here and we can see what to do


4. Salmon & farming


Where does your salmon life?
We mainly use salmon from the freshest clear waters of Norway. Besides Norway we also use salmon from Scotland.


 Is your salmon sustainable?
Yes, for sure. We only use ASC and MSC certified salmon. You can find all information about the ASC and MSC certification here. https://www.asc-aqua.org/


Are there any antibiotics or medications in your products?
No, all our salmon is raised without antibiotics or medication. 100%


5. Foppen as a company


Can you tell something about the history?
You can find our heritage over here


Do you have vacancies open?
As a growing company we always have room for skilled and talented people. You can have a look over here if there are any open posts. Click here.


How can I get in contact?
You can always call us or send an email to info@foppenseafood.com